Adviser Plans  — FOR ACCOUNTANTS

Partner with us to create a culture of funding in your firm

SMEs are 4 x more likely to get funding with your guidance and our faster, fairer market comparisons. And that’s a good start to a rewarding advisory relationship.

See how Grow works

With Capitalise, you have control over your client’s experience. We take care of the admin, security and legalities.

Reward your hard work with our Partner Program

Boost Your Earning Potential

Give your clients more time with you.

We offer Growth Vouchers, which your clients can spend on more billable hours. 

To illustrate, if a client completed a funding search successfully on Capitalise, your client could typically receive £1,000 to £3,000 of additional credit with your firm that we would pay for.

Or if you prefer you can choose a Revenue Share instead. It’s your choice.

Win New business

Grow your client base.

Many of our partners quickly win new clients soon after joining Capitalise’s Partnership Program. By expanding your service offering, you can re-connect with your contacts and use Capitalise to engage them as a new client.

“Becoming a Capitalise partner has expanded our service offering into such a key area for SME’s - it enabled us to win a new client we had been chasing for years.”

Jon Housley, Hannage  

Learn more how we helped Hannage win a new client.

Level up to Pro

Earn even more rewards.

Offer clients a more strategic service by bringing business funding in-house.  Be proactive about building more efficient balance sheets and give your accountants more to talk about.

Not only does Pro gives you more features for your firm, we can collaborate on co-branded white-papers and bespoke funding solutions for your clients.

We also have an active co-marketing program so your team and your clients are kept informed about the rapidly changing landscape of SME funding - we can team up with your marketing teams and offer co-branded sector research, webinars, lunch & learn sessions and funding webpages, so your firm has more tools to help your clients. Contact our team to find out more.

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