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At Capitalise, our vision is to give small businesses and their advisers transparency and control over business finance, in one place. 

Every business deserves an equal chance of success. So we must make business finance clearer. To show how credit scores impact plans for growth and how to improve them. To find funding that's a better fit. And to see risks to cash flow before they become a threat. 

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How we started

Back in 2015 banking was changing. Branches were closing and bank managers disappearing. We saw small businesses searching for support to understand the complexities of business finance. We saw accountants looking round for new tools to help their clients. And we saw lenders trying to find borrowers who were a better fit for their products. 

We knew if we could bring them together, we could make it much easier for smaller businesses to survive and grow. From the start, our intelligent online platform has been designed to do just that. 

We’ve built a strong support team, added products, brought investors on board and allied with partners who share our values. Through it all we’ve kept our focus on what our customers need. That’s why they consistently rate us at a world class level of satisfaction.

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Now you know the score

Businesses tracking their clients’ credit score are 6x more likely to get affordable loans.

Finding funding that fits

We’ve helped thousands of small businesses get offers for over £1 billion.

Faster, fairer market comparisons

We make intelligent matches from a panel of over 100 lenders, so businesses get the best fit.

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