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What Is Mezzanine Finance?

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Mezzanine Finance

Why Use Mezzanine Finance?

Use your positive cash flow to fund further growth with mezzanine finance.

Protect Personal and Business Assets

Mezzanine finance is most commonly issued on an unsecured basis. Whilst this may come at a higher risk to the lender, it does mean that none of your personal or business assets are put at risk should you default on your repayments.

Industry Expertise

At Capitalise, we work with industry specific lenders who understand the unique demands each sector, ensuring that you'll only ever receive mezzanine financing from an experienced lender.

Fast, Online Applications

Your mezzanine fund can usually be assessed and approved in a matter of days with the vast majority of the application completed online. Avoid lengthy application processes by applying online, starting with your Capitalise lender search


Who Is Mezzanine Finance For?

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How Does Mezzanine Finance Work?

Mezzanine finance can be used to the advantage of SMEs by allowing them to acquire capital which might not otherwise be available without the need to give up collateral.

It all starts by creating your Capitalise business profile which will allow us to match your business with lenders who can provide the funds you need whilst also bringing a wealth of experience lending to businesses just like yours.

The quick and easy online applications often involve little to no paperwork with decision letter notifications sent to you directly through your Capitalise profile.

Once approved, funds are transferred directly to your business bank account with repayment amounts and timescales set out upfront in a transparent way

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