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360 lenders in the UK yet access to capital is still a small business' greatest challenge.

In fifteen years working with small businesses, Paul Surtees and Ollie Maitland would repeatedly see plans for growth being held back by a lack of access to the right kind of funding. Capital was clearly available: the problem was an opaque system and dearth of relevant advice. And the people who could step into this space - the accountants trusted with a business’s finances - were ill-equipped to take it on.

So they decided to do something about it. First they assembled a crack team of accountants, bankers and technologists. Then they created a platform that combines strategic insights with faster, more accurate access to lenders. So now accountants can become the advisors that SMEs badly need.

We’re future positive

We believe in creating a diverse, sustainable future. So we come up with new ideas, and see existing ones in a new light. We work with the people who share our vision, taking action to make a difference. We challenge businesses to find new ways to guide their futures.

We’re democratic

We want to make it easier for businesses to grow, removing the barriers that banks and brokers have put in their way. That means giving businesses more choice, making processes clearer and making decisions easier by linking businesses to advisors they can trust.

We do the right thing

We’re impartial and won’t compromise on regulations. We don’t want our products to be pushed on businesses, we want them to assist their growth. So we ask hard questions and are honest about the tougher aspects of capital. We back everything up with support, information and next steps.


We connect accountants to the financial products, innovative workflows and market insights they need to build strong, lasting relationships with their clients


We are a passionate team of 20 people based in London, UK 

Paul Surtees


Co-founder & CEO

Ollie Maitland


Co-founder & Chief Product Officer 

Olly Cummings

Oliver Cummings

Commercial Director

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